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ULTRA.POS positioning systems - The forward integration of linear technology

Precise movements: Over and over again

Your requirements are the benchmark for our positioning systems

Features of positioning systems

Positioning systems are used to precisely position an object. These systems enable movement along one or more axes, typically along the X, Y and Z axes, and are used in various areas of automation. The quality and performance of a positioning system are primarily judged by its positioning accuracy. This accuracy mainly depends on three factors:

For most industrial positioning tasks, a solution with an aluminum base plate, recirculating ball bearing guides and a ball screw drive is ideal. For lower positioning accuracy requirements, more cost-effective drive types such as trapezoidal screws or shaft guides such as ball bushings can be used. For very high positioning accuracy requirements, higher quality drives and guides are essential.

Our promise to you is: We offer the optimum combination of basic body, guide and drive for your individual application. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of linear technology to optimize your application.

Performance range of the ULTRA.POS positioning systems

Performance features
Drive types Trapezoidal screw drives, ball screw drives or planetary screw drives
Couplings, connections Adaptation to any servo and geared motors of all commercially available couplings. With matching motor adapter on request
Packaging status Integration of sensors, cable trailing and electrical connections
Technical properties Extrem hohes Präzisions-/Preisverhältnis Hohe Ablaufgenauigkeiten (<0,05mm/m) Antriebsspindel gerollt, gewirbelt oder geschliffen in verschiedenen Steigungen
Scope of services Four standard sizes
Special solutions Additional functions, drilling patterns, extra-long slides, ultra-compact multi-axis units (XY or XYZ version)
Options Central lubrication, limit and reference switches, measuring systems, guideway cover via bellows Lifetime lubrication
Materials Aluminium, anodized or cast
hohe Ablaufgenauigkeiten Extrem hohes Präzisions-/Preisverhältnis

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Solution development

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Implementation and support

Once a solution has been found, we support you during implementation and assist you with our after-sales support.

Advantages of ULTRA.POS positioning systems

Erreichen Sie eine außergewöhnliche Positioniergenauigkeit, Steifigkeit und Belastungswerte, durch die passende Auswahl von Führung, Antrieb und einen Grundkörper aus Vollaluminium. Dabei profitieren Sie von einer kompakten Bauweise, die sich nach dem zur Verfügung stehenden Bauraum und Maschinenumfeld richtet.

Unsere Lösungen sind praxiserprobt, zuverlässig und langlebig. Im gesamten Prozess achten wir auf hohe Qualität, Laufruhe und Genauigkeit. Jedes Positioniersystem wird vor Versand geprüft und getestet.

Nutzen Sie unsere Partnerschaft mit führenden Marken der Lineartechnik. Präzisionskomponenten können Sie bei uns hersteller-unabhängig auswählen. Effizient umgesetzte Standards ermöglichen Ihnen eine Kostenreduktion im Bereich der Konstruktion, Montage und Qualitätssicherung. 

Kundenindividuell: Standard- & Sonderlösungen
Sie haben die Wahl aus einem umfangreichen Standardprogramm und Expertise für Sonderlösungen. In beiden Fällen haben Sie die volle Kontrolle auf das Produkt: Wir erstellen für Sie Freigabezeichnungen und CAD-Daten.

FAQs: Positioning systems

Linear axes are generally understood to be linear axes whose basic body is a continuous cast profile. Although they appear similar at first glance, they differ significantly in terms of precision and load values. Positioning units far exceed the performance characteristics of linear axes at comparable costs.

Positioning systems can be supplied with both. The manual version is supplied with a handwheel. For positioning systems with a motor, we either supply a suitable interface (coupling, flange, etc.) or integrate an electric motor/servo drive of your choice.

Positioning units are used for all tasks in the automation industry. Every positioning process as part of a pick-and-place application, dispensing, etc. requires a guide and drive. Positioning systems are the ideal complement to simple drives in order to integrate these efficiently and smoothly.

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