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Linear technology explained simply and compactly

The term linear technology covers guide and drive components that enable linear and radial movements. Linear technology is particularly indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. To illustrate this, you can imagine that movements that a person performs using muscles, bones, joints and ligaments are realized by machines with the help of linear technology.

In contrast to the human body, which is a highly complex system with many different degrees of freedom and movement in a very small space, the requirements for linear technology are generally reduced to specific performance characteristics such as precision, dynamics, positioning accuracy, force and costs. This results in a large number of developed components.

There are three basic concepts in linear technology:

  • Sliding movements
  • Rolling motions
  • Frictionless movements

The simplest, most cost-effective, but also least precise solution in linear technology is based on plain bearings. The constantly growing demands for efficiency, accuracy and speed have led to the development of linear technology with rolling element bearings. Here, rolling elements are used between two profiles to minimize sliding friction and transform it into low rolling friction. This principle has become the most widespread in linear technology, with ball bearings, roller bearings, recirculating ball screws and guides being examples of this.

Frictionless guideways represent a special area and include, for example, hydrostatic, magnetic or air-bearing systems.

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