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ACTOS - Linear actuators

Experience a new class of linear actuators: more compact, stronger & faster

High forces, high dynamics & minimal installation space

Advantages of ACTOS linear actuators

Power range of ACTOS linear actuators

Performance features Min Max
Nominal force 0.5kN 60kN
Cdyn 1kN 280kN
Diameter 60mm 220mm
Stroke length 5mm 300mm
Speed - 600mm/s
Further features / characteristics Your advantages
Electrical adaptations   - Rotary encoder and connector plug
- Electric holding brake
- Integration of force measurement systems
- Installation of limit switches
Mechanical adjustments   - Push rod machining according to drawing
- Mounting holes, accessories and flanges
- Surface treatment
- Stroke length
- Hygienic design possible
- Cardan bolt
- Special housing designs
Service life Load-dependent up to 10,000 million mm
Maintenance requirements Maintenance-free with moderate load and horizontal installation

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What is a linear actuator?

A linear actuator is generally a mechanical device that produces linear motion by converting rotary motion into linear motion.

What is the difference between a linear actuator and a linear motor?

A linear motor is a type of electric motor that produces linear motion without the need for rotating components as with conventional electric motors or linear actuators.

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Experience a new class of actuators. More compact, stronger & faster.