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How does a roller screw drive work?

A roller screw drive is a drive screw that uses rollers or so-called planets to convert a rotational force into a translational movement. Its functional principle combines the features of a roller bearing and a planetary gearbox (see illustration). The planetary rollers are firmly guided in the nut and transmit the rotary movement of the spindle rod. The resulting advantage is that high forces can be converted at high dynamics (speed and acceleration).

Performance range of ULTRA.ROLL roller screws

Performance features Min Max
Cstat - 4000
Cdyn - 1300
Diameter 15 120
Gradient 1 40
Length - 3000
Accuracy G1 G5
Further features Your advantages
Nut designs Fully customizable according to customer drawing:
- End and center flange nut
- cylinder nut
- Double nut
- Special nut with additional mounts and highly functionally integrated
...and much more!
Special mother Integration of screw-on surfaces, anti-rotation locks, centering, cardan bolts, etc.
Spindle bearing High-performance range for round flange or standing flange solutions, optimized for heavy-duty applications in various bearing positions Fully sealed and lubricated for life
Field of application All applications that require the highest load ratings, service life, low-noise operation and integration
Service life Will be charged
Delivery time 14 weeks from order placement, express production on request

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What are the differences between the designs of roller screws?

There are basically three different types of roller screw drive:

The roller screw drive with or without roller return differs mainly in the type of roller guide. The simpler design is the roller screw drive with roller return. At the end of a pitch, the planetary roller is moved to the next "gear". This simplified design has a positive effect on the price, but is limited in terms of precision and speed.

In roller screws without roller feedback, the spindle is synchronized to the nut via planetary gearing. This eliminates the need to reposition the planetary roller, which enables higher speeds, accelerations and positioning accuracies.

Inverted roller screws differ fundamentally in their design from all other mechanical drive screws. This design consists of a nut tube, planetary rollers and a push rod. All components are inverted, i.e. the thread is located in the nut tube and the push rod moves instead of the nut. This is ideal for applications in the hygiene sector, where installation space is limited and as a replacement for hydraulic lifting cylinders.

How does the ball screw differ from the roller screw?

The drive types differ in terms of load capacity, speed, precision, efficiency and price. The different performance characteristics are shown qualitatively in the illustration below.

In order to make a measurable statement in facts and figures, the respective application must be considered in detail. Ground ball screws, for example, are very precise drives, but this also has a direct impact on the price.

With regard to modern production possibilities, it is therefore always worth considering the use of a roller screw drive as soon as one of the following cases applies:

What is a planetary screw drive or planetary roller screw drive?

Planetary screw drives or planetary roller screw drives are alternative names for roller screw drives.

Planetary screw drives represent a different, alternative design.

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